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CraftsmanCapitol™ Premium Drill Tap Bit Set

  • 100% high-quality made & ship from USA. 
  • We are proud to be a craftsman, proud to be an American. We pride ourselves on quality made craftsmanship.
  • Simple, saving time and no more hassle with your project.

Drill - Tap


Product Description:

  • If your work requires tapping on thick materials, we suggest you choose 6542 HSS.
  • 4341 HSS Ideal for drilling, tapping, cutting on wood, soft metal, aluminum plate, iron, etc. (Note: it can not work well with stainless steel 304 or high hardness metal)
  • Complete hole drilling, tapping, deburring and countersinking in one operation with power drill saves labor and time
  • Back tapered beyond tap to prevent thread damage from over-drilling
  • Deburr/countersink also provided on bit beyond back taper
  • Made from hardened high-speed steel 4341 vs carbon steel for longer life
  • Designed to tap up to 10-gauge metal
  • Self-Centering point, do not need assistant center drilling or center punching.


One bit that does it all. Drill, Tap and Countersink in a single operation.

Premium Hex Shank Hand Tap Drill Bit Set combination bits for drilling, tapping, and countersinking - all with one bit.

Tap Drill Bit combination bits are a high-quality solution when you need to drill, tap, and countersink a hole quickly and accurately.

Previously to create a threaded hole you would have to perform three separate operations, each requiring its own tool: a drill bit, a tap, and a countersink tool.

The Tap Drill Bit combination bits perform all three operations with one bit, providing you with the same accuracy and power in a simple, fast, and easy-to-use package. A quick change adapter is also included to help you to drill, tap, and countersink, and even drive fasteners even faster.

For use with up to 10-gauge mild steel, the Tap Drill Bit combination bits make drilling, tapping, and countersinking holes faster and easier than ever before.


  • Drill, tap and countersink in one quick and easy action
  • Just as precise and considerably faster than using standard bits, tapping, and countersinking tools
  • Hardened high-grade tool steel construction for use in up to 10-gauge metal
  • Back-tapered to avoid damage from over drilling
  • Strong hex shank ensures strong connection to drill
  • Quick change adapter included for easy bit switching

Set Size in Metric:

  • M3x0.5: Total length: 2.17", Spiral length: 0.46", Drill: 3MM (0.11")
  • M4x0.7: Total length: 2.13", Spiral length: 0.5", Drill: 4MM (0.13")
  • M5x0.8: Total length: 2.28", Spiral length: 0.575", Drill: 5MM (0.165")
  • M6x1: Total length: 2.28", Spiral length: 0.61", Drill: 6MM (0.2")
  • M8x1.25: Total length: 2.32", Spiral length: 0.755", Drill: 8MM (0.267")
  • M10x1.5: Total length: 2.32", Spiral length: 0.85", Drill: 10MM (0.33")
  • Square handle: 1/4"

Set Size in Inche:(Updated on 15th May)

  • 1/8-40: Total length: 2.17", Spiral length: 0.46", Drill: 1/8"
  • 5/32-32: Total length: 2.13", Spiral length: 0.5", Drill: 5/32"
  • 3/16-24: Total length: 2.28", Spiral length: 0.575", Drill: 3/16"
  • 1/4-20: Total length: 2.28", Spiral length: 0.61", Drill: 1/4"
  • 5/16-18: Total length: 2.32", Spiral length: 0.755", Drill: 5/16"
  • 3/8-16: Total length: 2.32", Spiral length: 0.85", Drill: 3/8"
  • Square handle: 1/4"

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