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CraftsmanCapitol™ Premium Custom Bushing Bearing Seal Driver Set

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  • THE RIGHT SIZE: The Shankly bushing removal toolkit allows you to build your own custom bushing driver so you always have the right size for the job.
  • COMPLETE SET: The discs go from 18mm (.7 inches) all the way to 65mm (2.51 inches) in 1mm increments plus 74mm (2.91 inches). All discs are connected with a 12mm (.47 inches) shaft and screw which quickly connects to a 180mm (7.08 inch) handle. Making the Shankly wheel bearing driver set complete and effective.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE:All 50 pieces are interchangeable with each other so you get different sized variations in one set, allowing the mechanic to complete the job quickly, professionally and promptly. Complete set details in description below.
  • IMPRESSIVE VARIATIONS:The Shankly bearing and seal driver set has 50 interchangeable discs, giving the user an amazing 2,450 different variations due to each of the 50 discs being interchangeable with each other.
  • HEAVY DUTY, ORGANIZED CASE: Set comes in a heavy-duty, blow molded case with compartments for every piece, making storage and transport easy and manageable.

Product Description:
Bushing Driver Set consists of the following sizes:

  • 18mm, 25/32'; 43mm, 1-11/16"; 19mm, 3/4'; 44mm, 1-23/32"; 20mm, 25/32"; 45mm, 1-25/32"; 21mm, 27/32; 46mm, 1-13/16"; 22mm, 7/8"; 47mm, 1-27/32"; 23mm, 29/32"' 48mm, 1-15/16"; 24mm, 15/16"; 49mm, 1-31/32"; 25mm, 1"; 50mm, 2"; 26mm, 1-1/16"; 51mm, 2-1/32"; 27mm, 1-1/16"; 52mm, 2-1/16"; 28mm, 1-3/32"; 53mm, 2-1/8"; 29mm, 1-5/32"; 54mm, 2-3/32"; 30mm, 1-3/16"; 55mm, 2-5/32"; 31mm, 1-7/32"; 56mm, 2-7/32"; 32mm, 1-1/4"; 57mm, 2-1/4"; 33mm, 1-9/32"; 58mm, 2-9/32"; 34mm, 1-11/32"; 59mm, 2-11/32" ; 35mm, 1-3/8"; 60mm, 2-3/8"; 36mm, 1-13/32"; 61mm, 2-13/32"; 37mm, 1-15/32" ; 62mm, 2-7/16"; 38mm, 1-1/2"; 63mm, 2-1/2"; 39mm, 1-17/32"; 64mm, 2-17/32"; 40mm, 1-19/32" ; 65mm, 2-9/16"; 41mm, 1-.5/8"; 74mm, 2-29/32"; 42mm, 1-21/32".
  • All pieces come in a heavy duty blow molded case with compartments for every piece.

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