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CraftsmanCapitol™ Premium Bird Mount Router Bit

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Bird's Mouth Router Bit makes joining up multi-sided woodwork projects easy peasy! Using these bits, you will only need to cut one end as opposed to two (such as with miter joints) reducing cutting time in half! All bits come in 1/2" shank.

Bits are designed to cut at the correct angle that provides extra gluing surface and a strong mechanical joint. Apply glue to make sure that the routed end hugs the other piece strong and tough. Choose the desired bit and cut according to the number of sides needed for your project. Cut face up for six or eight-sided projects and face down for twelve or sixteen sided projects. Edges can be cut either flush or protruded, then sanded down later to the desired finish.
Industrial Quality Router Bits

  • C3 Micro-grain Tungsten Carbide Cutters
  • Solid Hardened Steel Bodies with Anti-Kickback Design
  • Build-up & Heat Resistant Teflon Coating

Wooden-boat builders have long used “bird’s-mouth” joinery to construct hollow masts and booms. We landlubbers can take advantage of this strong edge-to-edge joint, shown above, when making cylindrical objects, such as columns, arched chest lids, or turned vessels.

The bird’s-mouth joint tops a miter joint for a number of reasons: First, introducing the cutaway “mouth” creates more gluing surface. Secondly, the mouth cradles the mating workpiece, making it nearly impossible for the joint to slip out of alignment during a glue-up. Finally, you cut only one side of the joint, so you reduce your machining time—and a chance for error—by half.

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