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CraftsmanCapitol™ Premium Magnetic Pad Tool Holder

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You've probably thought about some tray that holds and grips your tools while you work. Well, this new tool holder called the Magnetic-Pad does that and more. It's a magnetic pad that you can attach to anything metallic and it'll hold and cling onto your tools while you work in the garage, under a car hood and more.

Car Magnetic Pad Universal Tool Tray Holder for Repairing- Black

Car Magnetic Pad Universal Tool Tray Holder for Repairing- Black

You can, of course, use the Magnetic-Pad on any kind of surface if you're just keeping your tools flat and want to prevent your tools from rolling away, but you can also attach it to the side of a car, on a wall, pillar, or even on the underside of a car hood to keep your tools stuck to it while keeping them in a perfect location for quick usage.

Magnetic-Pad is flexible so it'll stick to pretty much any shape of the metallic surface, plus it's super strong, durable, and extra reliable. Magnetic-Pad is also scratch resistant and will cling to a variety of different types of surfaces.

Car Magnetic Pad Universal Tool Tray Holder for Repairing- Black

Magnetic-Pad uses extra-strong magnets to hold pretty much any tool you put on it including screwdrivers, pliers, wire strippers, and even bolts, nuts, screws, sockets, nails, and more. It can even hold a 50 lb weight onto it while clinging to a wall. Plus, it makes for just about the best addition to any toolbox.

You can purchase Magnetic-Pad individually, or you can buy a 2-pack, 3-pack, or even a 10-pack. The magnetic pad tool holder measures 11.6 inches long x 8 inches wide x 0.75 inches thick and weighs 1 lb. 

Car Magnetic Pad Universal Tool Tray Holder for Repairing- Black

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